UX Crunch is Europe’s largest user experience networking event

We also host user experience conferences and workshops.

User experience is one of the hottest debatable subjects within the digital world with networking and learning key to UX professionals keen to develop their careers.

In a contract-heavy market, it’s always great to network with hiring managers and meet potential connections that could help you secure your next contract.  We approach creating networking events in a unique way, showcasing various companies’ user experience and knowledge by hosting our events at various venues around London. We aim to create a new phenomenon within digital networking, making cutting edge events and opening possibilities of collaboration within the UX community.

Our events often offer free drinks and food as well as some of the most inspirational user experience guest speakers in the industry. We welcome people who are looking to get in UX and find out more about the area. Recruiters and hiring managers are also welcome and we encourage jobs and opportunity networking in an ever-changing and evolving industry.

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